Connected Officer Platform

Administrative, operations and scheduling apps for mobile law enforcement

More than digital notes

Standalone or tied to our iPatrol Connected Officer Brown solutions, EPNB Electronic Pocket Notebook is not just another eNote app. Each photo, video, audio, sketch, and text entry is geotagged and timestamped before being securely stored on-premise or on the cloud. Featuring voice-to-text input, automated form completion, and signature capture, EPNB makes roadside resolutions easier, faster more frequent.

Dynamic connected officer mobile solution

iPatrol ties EPNB to a dynamic briefing solution via RMS integration. Officers in the proximity of a geofenced area surrounding an occurrence are sent occurrence-related notes and data. iPatrol can connect field personnel to any agency’s DEMS, RMS, and CAD on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Our enterprise, cloud and hybrid mobile versions are currently used by over 50 law enforcement agencies worldwide – cutting costs, improving situational awareness, and boosting officer productivity by eliminating ‘busy work’ and trips to Headquarters.

Self-serve Mobile Scheduling For Officers 

Officers and supervisors can schedule time off, book paid duty and perform quartermaster tasks using their iOS or Android devices. Based on the Officer Solutions and Logistics platform used by over forty law enforcement agencies in the USA and Canada, MobI-OSL makes self-serve the way to go for hundreds or officers and supervisors. Mobi-OSL boosts job satisfaction, productivity and visibility agency-wide. 

Keep On Tracking With WalkTab

This is our native app for tracking officers Android and iOS smartphones with the Geotab fleet telematics platform. As an add-in to the world-leading MyGeotab solution, WalkTab puts smartphones and tablets on the same dispatch screen as vehicles with Geotab GO devices. Called a ‘gamechanger’ for letting dispatchers see officers who leave their vehicles, WalkTab is a Geotab Marketplace-approved SaaS app.

About Us

EPNB Solutions Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Buffalo NY and offices in Richmond Virginia. Our branded products include an EPNB electronic pocket notebook for photo, video, audio, sketch notes, and forms with timestamps and geotags; iPatrol for mobile RMS, CAD and DEMS, and external law enforcement data; and OSL for officer e-scheduling and logistics using smartphone. We have deployed and supported #connectedofficer solutions for more than 40 law enforcement agencies and 20,000 sworn officers worldwide, with secure mobile solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

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